Seminar: "The structural and morphological evolution of transpressive systems: insights from analog modeling"

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Thursday 24th February, 15:00, online
Department of Science, Università Roma Tre
Ethan Conrad (Jackson School of Geosciences, University of Texas, USA)

PiRATES (PhD at uni RomA Tre in Earth Sciences and friends) seminar series
Transpressive plate boundaries accommodate oblique convergence between tectonic plates. In these settings, the interactions between faults and climate-driven erosion are poorly understood. Here, we present a set of laboratory-based landscape evolution experiments that combine tectonic deformation and surface erosion to build and shape topography. We conduct experiments using a special apparatus designed to build a transpressional mountain range from granular materials and use a misting system to initiate surface processes. Experiments are recorded with digital cameras to analyze particle motion and a laser scanner to create a digital elevation model of the landscape at different stages. We analyze the evolution of fault and stream networks and interpret the potential linkages between the two. These analyses provide insight into the evolution of transpressional systems, specifically, how mass is eroded and transported and how stream networks respond to faulting.
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