Marco Polo Programme

Academic Year 2019-2020学年马可波罗计划

Degree Courses at Roma Tre a.y. 2019-2020学年罗马第三大学的本科与研究生专业 

Available places for the enrolment in degree courses

Link identifier #identifier__32266-1P

After arrival in Italy it will no longer be possible to change the university or the academy/music conservatory to which you are pre-enrolled. Pay attention to the destination you choose when pre-registering in the Embassy/Consulate of Italy in China.

Italian Language Course: Length and fees  语言课程的时长和注册费用

11 months/ 11个月

From 9 October 2018 to 9 September 2019 / 从2018年10月9号至2019年9月9号
75 hours per month / 每个月75个小时
€4.500,00 / 4.500,00欧元

10 months / 10 个月

From 5 November 2018 to 9 September 2019 / 从2018年11月5号至2019年9月9号
75 hours per month / 每个月75个小时
€4.100,00 / 4.100,00欧元

Attendance at courses is compulsory

Available places / 最多能接受的学生人数

70 students / 70个学生

In the event that pre-enrolments exceed available places, the University will proceed to select applications based on the following scale of priority: 如果申请的学生超过名额数量,大学按照以下优先条件的顺序进行筛选:

1) Italian language certificate lev. A2 or superior; 拥有国家认可的意大利语A2级别以上的证书

2) pre-enrollment at Roma Tre for the a.y.2019-20; 已预注册2019—2020学年罗马三大的学生

3) pre-enrollment at another Italian university; 已预注册其它意大利大学的学生

4) pre-enrollment at an AFAM (Turandot Programme); 通过图兰朵计划预注册意大利美术、音乐学院的学生

5) sending date of pre-enrolment: 提交申请表的时间顺序,先提交者优先

Information on the Italian Language Course/关于意大利语语言课程的信息

  • The Italian language course includes: classes, language lab assisted by tutors, pronunciation exercises, linguistic tandem with Italian students of Chinese language courses, preparation for the language certification exam, theatrical laboratory with Italian students, university orientation, the possibility to attend university lessons in disciplines related to the chosen study area, excursions and guided tours. Online activities assisted by tutors in August and September (specialist vocabulary and remedial course).


  • Includes registration for the official Italian certification exam at Roma Tre ( level B1 or B2 according to the level reached by the students in July.


For more information on the Italian language certificate/ 有关考试的更多信息详见 Link identifier #identifier__137515-2

Registration to the Italian Language Course / 注册日期

 11 months course: from 4 May to 27 July 2018

11个月的语言课程: 从2018年5 月4号至7月27号

10 months course: from 4 May to 27August 2018

10个月的语言课程:从2018年5 月4号至8月27号

Link identifier #identifier__152071-3APPLICATION-FORM_Marco-Polo-2019-20Registration form 申请表


After sending the application form/语言课程的注册费用需在发送申请表后方可汇款

Accommodation/ 住宿

Fill the Link identifier #identifier__162419-4Accommodation form to receive free assistance in finding accommodation.


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