Roma Tre offers various and diversified training programs that allow you to meet the requirements of an increasingly demanding labor market and achieve high levels of professional specialization in an amplified European and international dimension.

To enroll in Bachelor’s or Master’s programs available at Roma Tre, requirements for entry and acceptance procedures set out in the admissions notices must be met.

Clarification guides on the procedures to be followed may be found in the Instructions page where other notices and announcements for other courses are also listed.

Information on public calls available in the Italian version of the website.

Enroll in Bachelor’s Degree Programs

In order to enroll in the first year of a Bachelor’s, it is necessary to have a secondary school (high school) diploma.

For those who hold foreign qualifications, please refer to the Guide “How to Apply – Students with Foreign Qualifications and to the Regulation for Admission to University Courses with Foreign Qualifications and Recognition of Foreign Qualifications available on Regulation page.

Contemporary enrollment is prohibited in most courses of study, except in those cases provided for compatibility.

How to take the admission test

Enroll in Master’s Degree Programs

To enroll, you must:

  • have a degree (or obtain it within the terms indicated in the Rector’s Call for Admissions)
  • apply following enrollment procedures

Masters courses may be “open” or have a limited number of students that can be enrolled. The criteria, requirements and deadlines for admission to the various courses are detailed for each Department’s individual Didactic Regulations in the Rector’s Call for Admissions (Bando Rettorale).

You can apply to multiple Master’s programs.

Information on public calls available in the Italian version of the website.


Roberta Evangelista 19 July 2021