An institutional mailbox is assigned to all our students . The service, other than being used for normal e-mail functions, constitutes a priority channel for communication between the university and the student community. The communication may also be confidential, such as notice of exams booking, career registration of exams .

To login the mailbox just use the same credentials used for accessing the Student Portal by adding the suffix ( In case of password change on the Student Portal (password recovery and change), the new password will be automatically synchronized and therefore also used for access to the mailbox.  

Access to the service

The e-mail service will be active within 72 hours from the enrollment to Roma Tre University. It isn’t necessary to change its own password for the login.
Enter the address, to access to e-mail service.
In the Guide on the set up of e-mail accounts you can find all the information on how to make the first access and the forwarding of messages to another e-mail address. 

All Privacy information is available on the website of the Public Relations Office.

Informazioni di sistema 15 February 2024