Tuition Fees


The amount and calculation criteria of the tuition fees are determined by the University’s Board of Trustees ensuring effective progressive taxation according to students’ economic conditions to protect those in more disadvantaged conditions.

Students’ economic conditions are identified on the Equivalent Economic Situation Indicator (ISEE – Indicatore della Situazione Economica Equivalente), assessing family’s economic situation to have a reduction on the payment of fees and to apply for social benefits.  For further information on how to submit ISEE please have a look to ISEE declaration.

Tuition fees payment for Students enrolled in Bachelor’s, Master’s and single-cycle degree programmes is divided into maximum four instalments.

First instalment:

  • stamp duty (€ 16,00) and regional tax (€.140,00) for a total amount of €.156,00 fixed amount for all students;
  • variable amount depending on ISEE declaration.

Subsequent instalments:

Additional fees could be for:

  • fixed taxes for services provided upon students’ request (recognition degree, changing of degree programme, transferring, etc.), see additional enrollment fees
  • fines and administrative sanctions for failure to meet administrative deadlines.

Instalment Payment Deadlines

First15 November 2023
Second15 February 2024
Third17 April 2024
Forth15 June 2024

All deadlines falling on Saturdays or holidays are considered postponed to the next available business day. In case of late payment, the following late fees apply:

Days of delayPenalty amount Deadline
Up to 30 days30,00 €30 days from the due date of enrollment fee
From 31 to 90 days60,00 €90 days from the due date of enrollment fee
From 91 to 120 days90,00 €120 days from the due date of enrollment fee
Over 120120,00 €30 days from the date of issue of the payment fines


Enrollment is completed with the payment of the first instalment. The total amount of the enrollment fee is made following the acquisition of the ISEE declaration. If an ISEE declaration is not already acquired at the time of enrollment, the deadline for the variable tuition fee amount depending on ISEE declaration will be postponed to the next deadline. 

First enrollment: the deadline is specified in the respective admission notice.

Those who are not in compliance with the payment of fees for all the enrollment years cannot carry out any career-related action. Therefore, they are not allowed to take any exam, final exams, or: 

  • transfer to another university or another degree program;
  • renew enrollment for the following academic year;
  • obtain certificates;
  • apply for collaboration grants and other scholarships;
  • representation in governing bodies.

Any exam taken without having regularized the administrative status will be suspended.

Eleonora Cristina Russo 15 May 2024