Students with Disabilities

General Information on the Services Offered

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The University encourages enrollment of students with disabilities and aids proper integration into University life through economic benefits, personal services and implementation of innovative technologies such as supplementary tools for online teaching and distance learning.

The Rector’s Delegate for Disability, Specific Learning Disorders and Inclusion Support acts as a guide for policies aimed at facilitating the integration and inclusion of those affected by disabilities who work and study at the University. The services are managed by the Office of Students with Disabilities and SLD, coordinated by the Responsible of Directorate 6.

Each Department has an appointed  Professor as the contact person for discussing educational issues and difficulties related to didactics that may be encountered during a students’ career path.

In compliance with Law 17/99 – which supplements Law 104/92 – specific services are organized and provided to facilitate the integration and inclusion into University life for students with documented disabilities (equal to or greater than 66%). The final objective is to allow equal education opportunities and participation through social integration.

To facilitate university attendance and help promote equal access in the cope of achieving educational success for each student, the following services are provided.

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Admission and enrollment details are available in the  Call for Admissions for each program and course. The online application form must be correctly filled out in the section regarding disability, specifying the kind of disability and its entity (percentage).

Those who have disabilities as described Law 104/1992 and subsequent amendments and addendums, must make explicit request for the aids, compensatory tools and dispensation measures in order to sit the admission test.

The above must be requested during the online application process by filling out the “Request for Assistance” section. The request has to be completed by attaching a certificate detailing disability or handicap, issued by the competent public body. Candidates residing abroad must submit the above described certificate issued in the country in which they reside, alongside a certified translation into Italian or English.

University Tuition and Fees

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Students with disabilities are entitled to total exemption of tuition and fees if the following conditions are met:

  • Declared handicap as acknowledged by Article 3, Paragraph 1 of Law Number 104 dated February 5, 1992
  • Disability greater than 66%
  • Disability between 33% and 65% and with ISEE less than or equal to € 30.000,00

Upon enrollment/registration only the 16.00 € fixed government tax (bollo) has to be paid.

Students with a disabilities between 33% and 65% and an ISEE of more than 30.000,00 € are entitled to partial exemption of tuition and fees.

All information on Tuition and Fees are available in the Student Portal under Tuition and Fees. Details on tuition rates and calculation of additional fees are available in the Tuition and Fees (University Taxes) Regulation available on the dedicated page.

Additional Information and Assistance

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For information on services provided by the University to facilitate attendance and integration:
Students with Special Needs Office– Student Affairs Division

For administrative information on applications, enrollment, tuition and fees as well as career paths:
Area Studenti (Student Office) – Student Secretariat


Vademecum (Italian version) to promote inclusion for students with disabilities and Specific Learning Disorders (SLD)


Video contributions

Video contributions on disabilty and SLD

  • dott. Vittorio Calaprice (European Commission Representative in Italy)
  • prof. Pietro Chiurazzi (Prof. at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, experienced geneticist)


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