Enrolling in course units

General requirements

All individuals, Italian citizens and non, holding valid qualifications to access university courses can enroll in course units for maximum 36 credits (CFU) per academic year. Non-Europeans living abroad must apply considering the eligibility criteria and procedures available on the following link http://www.studiare-in-italia.it/studentistranieri/.
Enrollment in course units is valid for one academic year. Examinations may be taken in all sessions available for the academic year of enrollment.
Enrollment and examination results are regularly certified.

Specific requirements set by Departments available in the Italian version of the website.

How to enroll

To enroll, access your Login page and fill out the online enrolment form for course units.
Please refer to the Instructions link for printing the fee payment slip.
The application and other documents do not need to be delivered to the student secretariat offices.

When to enroll

Enrollment periods available in the Italian version of the website.

Tuition & Fee Rates and Exemptions

Information on tuition and fees rates as well as exemptions are indicated in the Tuition and Fees regulation on the Regulation page.

Contact Offices

For those who hold foreign qualifications and reside abroad please refer to:
Students with Foreign Qualifications and University Mobility Programmes Office http://portalestudente.uniroma3.it/en/about-us/area-studenti-student-office/
For all other students please refer to the Registar’s Office.



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