Final examination

For admission to the final examination, students must:

  1. Forward the request for thesis assignment through the students’ personal account (How to submit Thesis Assignment request) according to the deadlines and procedures outlined in the teaching regulations of each Study Course;
  2. Submit online from one’s personal account the graduation application according to the deadlines set by each Department:

The graduation application can be submitted if you have paid all your tuition fees including fines for late payment and meet the curriculum requirements.

How to submit graduation application.

Those who, by the deadlines set by each Departments, have not fulfilled the following final requirements:

  • Payment of the graduation fee
  • Achievement of all exams required by the study plan
  • Achievement of the Almalaurea questionnaire
  • Upload of the final dissertation

will be considered as renouncers and will not be admitted to the final exam. Are also considered as renouncers those who intend to renounce the degree and therefore do not participate in the final exam. In the latter case, it is not necessary to communicate the renunciation.

Submitting a new graduation request in case of renounce

It is necessary to submit a new graduation application to take the final exam in a following session. The payment of the graduation fee, if already made, remains valid. If any difficulty occurs during the submission phases, it is necessary to open a Ticket within the deadlines for submitting the request set by each Department.

Deadlines set by each Department:

Accredited professional photographers for access to the final examination

To ensure a regular conduct of the degree thesis, the University has prepared a list of accredited professional photographers for access to the final examination and a price list including professional service and printing, they are the same for every Department. For further information take a look to the following page:


Rosella Filippone 09 July 2024