Personal assistance (holistic)

Holistic personal assistance is provided by qualified personnel within the University premises, on weekdays from Monday to Saturday during opening hours of the premises.  This assistance service provides comprehensive aid during meals, use of toilets and transfers.

Requests must detail the planned academic activities and follow what detailed below.


The student can request assistance on-line for a single lesson or for the entire duration of the course and must indicate the course to follow, the star and end dates and the weekly schedule.

Assistance requests have to be received at least 7 working days before the start of teaching activities, otherwise they will not be considered.


The student will receive confirmation within 3 days of the service requested by e-mail and must be present for the assistance to be delivered (cannot be conducted in remote).


Students who intend to cancel a previously requested assistance, must do so using the appropriate form.


Students who do not show up to an appointment, or who repeatedly cancel requested assistance without a good reason, will be suspended from using the assistance service.

Valentina Efrati 12 November 2018