Seminario di Nanoscienze: "Dai dati alla conoscenza: reti neurali e reti complesse" del prof. Roberto Bellotti

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Seminario di Nanoscienze:
Il prossimo seminario di Nanoscienze avrà come titolo "Dai dati alla conoscenza: reti neurali e reti complesse" e sarà tenuto dal prof. Roberto Bellotti, giovedì 16 gennaio, alle 14:00, in Aula  A, via della Vasca Navale 84.

Machine learning techniques and complex networks represent valuable tools in scientific research, because they allow to analyze Big Data and complex systems. Prof. Roberto Bellotti will discuss the most relevant machine learning methods, from clustering to deep learning. To highlight the potential of these techniques, he will show two different applications in the medical field and in the defence field: the early diagnosis of neurodegenerative diseases and the classification of sonar signals.

Roberto Bellotti is full professor of Applied Physics and Director of Department of Physics of the University of Bari. His current research interests are in medical physics and spatio-temporal data mining by means of machine learning techniques and complex network analysis. In particular the investigations aim at the development of fully automated software for the analysis of the brain, specifically for the early detection  of neurodegenerative pathologies.

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