A simulation-based secure IPE scheme

Giovedì 30 Novembre 2023 alle ore 17.30, presso il presso il Dipartimento di Matematica e Fisica (edificio di Fisica - Aula B) e sulla piattaforma Link identifier #identifier__4430-1Microsoft Teams, si terrà nell'ambito dei Seminari di Crittografia il workshop del dott. Daniele De Bernardini dell'Università di Trento dal titolo "A simulation-based secure IPE scheme".

Abstract: Modern cryptography is usually characterized by an "all-or-nothing" access to data, meaning that a key either reveals the content entirely, or it fails the decryption. However, many times it is more convenient to have a "fine-grained" access to data, making the decryption function  more suitable to many different use-cases. In order to address these issues one can rely on the so-called Functional Encryption (FE) whose schemes allow to obtain a specific function of the plaintext as output of the decryption.
Having in mind this scenario, we will analyze a family of FE schemes called Inner Product Encryption (IPE), which indeed return the inner product of two encrypted vectors. In particular, we will focus on a specific IPE scheme, evaluating its correctness and proving its security.