Functional Encryption: an overview

Mercoledì 24 marzo 2021 alle ore 17:00, nell'ambito della serie di incontri CifrisCloud coordinati dal prof. Marco Pedicini, si terrà un seminario della dott.ssa Carla Mascia e della dott.ssa Irene Villa (Università di Trento) dal titolo "Functional Encryption: an overview".


For many emerging applications such as "cloud'' services, the notion of public-key encryption is insufficient. Traditional public-key encryption provides only all-or-nothing access to encrypted data. Over the last few years, a new broad vision of encryption systems was introduced: Functional Encryption (FE). This new concept permits selective computations on the encrypted data, allowing some authorised users to compute partial information on the encrypted data.
In this talk, we will give an overview of functional encryption and present the main classes of FE: Identity-Based Encryption, Attribute-Based Encryption, Predicate Encryption and Inner Product Encryption.

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