Seminario di Crittografia -An overview of Secure Twoparty Computation

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Seminario di Crittografia -An overview of Secure Twoparty Computation
Martedì 20 Febbraio 2024 alle ore 13.00, presso il Diapartimento di Matematica e Fisica (Via della Vasca Navale, 84 -  Aula C), la dott.ssa Elena Ciampedel (Università degli Studi de l'Aquila) nell'ambito dei Seminari di Crittografia, terrà il seminario dal titolo "An overview of Secure Twoparty Computation".

Abstract: Secure Two-party Computation (2PC) was introduced in 1982 by Yao to address the so-called millionaires problem:
"two millionaires wish to know who is richer; however, they do not want to find out inadvertently any additional information about each other's wealth".

More generally, 2PC is a special case of multiparty computation, in which two distrusting parties wish to jointly compute a function of their private inputs without revealing anything other than what can be inferred from their own input and prescribed output.

In this talk, we will retrace some of the fundamental stages for 2PC, starting from the ideas developed, in the late 1980s, by Yao on the one hand, and Goldreich, Micali and Wigderson on the other hand.