Inequality in Rome Summer Meeting

Dear all,
we are happy to inform you about the first Inequality in Rome Summer Meeting that will take place in Allumiere on 13-14 June 2024. The meeting aims to gather researchers working on inequality studies in Roman universities and institutions and allow them to share ideas and projects.
To this aim, we will host keynote dialogues on inequality, poverty, and taxation topics:  
Salvatore Morelli (Roma Tre) & Paolo Liberati (Roma Tre) - Wealth tax, fiscal progressivity, and redistribution
Maria De Paola (INPS) & Paolo Naticchioni (Roma Tre) - The VisitINPS and the VisitPNRR projects
Andrea Brandolini (Bank of Italy) & Maurizio Franzini (Sapienza) - Income and wealth poverty
Elena Granaglia (Roma Tre) & Michele Raitano (Sapienza) - Inequality of Opportunity
Special guest: Roy van der Weide (World Bank)
Young researchers will have the opportunity to present their current research agenda in dedicated presentations:
Federica Lanterna (Roma Tre) – Old and New Challenges in Addressing Inequality: Income tax, Public expenditures and Environment
Andrea Fazio (Tor Vergata) – Preferences for Redistribution: a selection from the literature
Francesca Subioli (Roma Tre) – Inequality and mobility: measurement proposals and equity considerations
Anna Vergnano (Roma Tre) – Female labor force participation: evidence from Italian regions
Teresa Barbieri (University of Bari) – The effect of education on earnings dynamics: evidence from Italy
Salvatore Lattanzio (Bank of Italy) – Topics on gender inequality. Mom’s Out: Employment after Childbirth and Firm-Level Responses
Edoardo Sala (Roma Tre) – We live in the same planet, but are we on the same boat? Analysis of the distributive impacts of the climate crisis
Francesca Maria De Matteis (Sapienza) – Aspects of the Italian Labour Market in the Green Transition
Mattia Leoni (Roma Tre) – Crashing the prototypes: Assessing the financial transitional impacts on inequalities in energy-climate-transition models
Nicolò Geri (Sapienza) – Innovation, employment, and wages: an inquiry on the role of structural and organizational change in driving inequality
Giacomo Gabbuti (Sant’Anna Pisa) – Economic Inequalities in Modern Italy
Luca Giangregorio (Roma Tre) – The Anatomy of Inequality: Adopting Different Lenses
Pierre Robiglio (EIEF) – Cartels in the Labor Market; Their Impact and How to Detect Them
Elisa Coltrinari (Sapienza) – An innovative dataset on Board Members’ compensation of Italian Listed Companies
Matteo Targa (Roma Tre) – Wages and firms
The event will take place in person at the Centro Residenziale Studi e Ricerche Università Roma Tre La Faggeta (Via delle Grazie, 00051 Allumiere (RM)).
Please find attached the detailed programme, and visit the Link identifier #identifier__155785-1webpage for more information.
Best wishes!
Luca Giangregorio
Salvatore Morelli
Francesca Subioli
Matteo Targa

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